Affordable Accessories for the Oculus Quest 2

All in all, you have your Oculus Journey 2 Headset and presently you’re thinking about what different devices you ought to get for it?

What embellishments would it be advisable for you to check out? How might you make your Oculus Journey 2 better? Here are my top suggestions of what you can purchase to go with your Oculus Journey 2.

After I’ve discussed the best embellishments for the Oculus Journey 2, I’m likewise going to let you know a tad about the Oculus Connection and how there is a preferred far over purchasing the moronically costly link.
#1 Focal point Mist

Perhaps of my greatest grumbling as far as utilizing the Oculus Mission 2 for wellness (which I got impacted for in a past video for involving it for wellness) was the issue of the focal points steaming up each time I worked out. I realize I got a lot of remarks about how I was a simpleton for involving it for wellness, yet news streak, beyond by and large messing around, wellness is one of the greatest use cases for the Journey 2, especially given that we are in a pandemic here in the UK. The rec centers are shut and the weather conditions is not good enough to go out for a run.

I had a lot of ideas for the focal points misting up. “Drill an opening in the headset”, “breath through your mouth”, “get an alternate headset connector that gives you more space to breath”. However, a) I didn’t fancy penetrating an opening in my headset and b) for what reason would it be a good idea for me to need to attempt these moronic things for an item that was intended for wellness to be a utilization case in any case? What’s more, in the event you’re pondering, I utilized my Shirt to clean the focal point.

What I attempted was a pack of very modest, hostile to haze, microfibre cleaning fabrics for glasses from Amazon. I’ve just utilized these things a few times yet up to this point they’ve basically shut down each of the focal points misting up completely so they get a major proposal from me. Assuming you are disliking your focal points hazing up, these things will be perfect for you. Likewise, for what reason doesn’t the Journey 2 accompany a microfibre fabric to clean the focal points at any rate? I surmise one more cash saving tip by Facebook?
#2 Conveying Case

With regards to the best conveying case for the Oculus Oculus Accessories Journey 2, I must surrender. As far as cost and quality, the authority Oculus Journey 2 conveying case is truly perfect. It’s strong, it’s cozy, it’s an incredible spot to have the option to put all of your Oculus Mission 2 for voyaging and when you’re not utilizing it to ensure that the focal points are being safeguarded.

Others I attempted, tried and returned, I found were free, low quality, they would self-destruct and just essentially come up short at the motivation behind safeguarding the Mission 2. So in the event that you want a case for the Journey 2, I would energetically suggest the authority one. Assuming you are utilizing regulator holds you truly do should know that you probably won’t have the option to squeeze them into the case. You will likely have to dismantle the regulator holds, put the regulators in them and afterward store them down the side.
#3 Connection Link

The following thing you will need to get yourself is a Journey Connection Link. With a Mission Connection link, you can play VR games from your gaming PC onto your Journey 2. This is astonishing! Truly, assuming you look at my video you can see my top proposals for games and there are some executioner games to play utilizing the Journey Connection.